dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

How to get started as an online video publisher.

If you haven't heard about the revolution going on in the world of Internet video publishing, you've probably been living in a cave for the past year. Video sharing is the hottest thing on the Worldwide Web today. Brightcove.com is making a strong bid to build the platform for the next generation of video sites, and it's a great place to get started as a publisher of online video products. Brightcove has great tools for driving traffic to your video channel and boosting sales:

Create revenue streams on Brightcove from video downloads: You can sell and rent video downloads on the Brightcove.com and directly on your web site. Brightcove takes care of payment processing and live customer support. You control the terms of use and the price of each download product, of course, and keep 70% of the revenue generated from your sales. A tracking tool lets you monitor how your channel is performing on the Internet. You can measure your viewers and video streams on your affiliate sites as well as on your own web site. This tool also tracks your earnings from sales and rentals. 

Be a live broadcaster of video products: Your channel appears automatically on Brightcove.com, making it easy for customers to find and buy your video downloads. As a broadcaster of video products, you can use Brightcove to build a community of users around your niche market. You can encourage your viewers to share your videos by enabling email links ands setting up subscriptions to video feeds. At all stages of the process you control how viewers share your videos-or if they can share them at all. This allows you to market content virally if you choose. 

Video syndication to other web sites: Brightcove lets you create and manage your relationships with affiliates who want to syndicate your video products. You retain full control over programming and branding. Brightcove has entered into a partnership with AOL Video that creates an additional option for content distribution-as a Brightcove user, you can distribute paid downloads of your video products through AOL Video. The AOL platform lets you sell your video downloads directly to the huge audience at AOL.com. 

Advertisers want to underwrite Internet video content: Online video publishers are generating significant revenue streams. Popular vlogs make money by selling subscriptions to users, by offering paid download content, and by attracting sponsors who want to enter into partnerships with creators of popular video products. Brightcove gives even free users the opportunity to earn advertising revenue from their video content. Newly launched channels are reviewed for inclusion in the Brightcove Ad Network. If your channel is included, you receive half of all the advertising revenue. Even if no ads run on your content, you still get free Brightcove service. 

Brightcove's customers already include Newsweek, Sony, Discovery Network, and the Tribeca Film Festival. Brightcove is one of the most exciting developments on the Worldwide Web today. You can stay informed of the latest developments in Internet TV by visiting their blog at http://blog.brightcove.com.

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