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Leverage Online Preselling Using Video.

Advertising experts estimate that about three in every four young adults and six out of 10 adults in the United States are regularly watching and downloading online videos. The implication is that online videos have really reached the mainstream audience. Thus, marketers and advertisers logically migrate to the Internet for effective preselling and advertising campaigns. It is now a common knowledge that the best way to leverage preselling and advertising campaigns is through online video advertising.

It is quite obvious that these days, more television advertisements are migrating to broadband and online interactive broadcast. This makes the Internet more powerful as an advertising medium. Why would people not patronize the online media when everything they need and want to hear, see and read could be accessed anytime, anywhere in just several clicks of the mouse? Ad agencies and marketers are now focused on leveraging interactive broadcast and fast Internet in the complicated media environment.

Television is providing reach and emotion, while online videos fulfill reach, emotion and another effectiveness factor: metrics. Modern forms of Internet-based video advertising, like viral video distribution, long-form video, streaming, embedded and desktop push, are somehow replacing 30-second TV spots. Online video advertisers note that audience's 'time-spent' on watching video ads is the new advertising measurement.

Awareness and sales

A 2006 study conducted by online ad server DoubleClick found that advertising online using videos is becoming a popular medium of choice in driving consumers' awareness and eventually, actual sales. The number of companies and businesses taking advantages of online video advertising has grown strongly through the years.

What proofs should be looked at to further justify the effectiveness of online video advertising? First, several online behavior studies conclude that Internet readers and surfers are more likely to click 'Play' buttons than image ads. The probability that Website visitors would click play and replay buttons is twice higher compared to the probability that the same Internet users would click standard GIF and JPG ad formats.

Without much ado, anyone could easily conclude that video ad click rates are much greater than standard image format ads. This is because video advertisements could convey or communicate a story through motion and sounds. This way, Internet video ads are suitable as a format for brand awareness. Needless to say, click-through rates of online video ads are much higher than those of plain GIF and JPG image ads.

Popularity of online video ads

The advertising industry has already realized that online video advertising could more effectively leverage preselling and advertising campaigns. From being a relatively small segment of the total ad market in 2005, online video ads have grown tremendously to become one of the top and most important ad segments. Many advertisers, marketers and companies recognize the need to launch their ad campaigns through online video ads.

To be more effective in preselling products and services online, you should understand how you could better catch attention and trust of online audience and prospective buyers. Many Websites are now into preselling. Thus, to outpace and overcome them, you need to make your own online site more effective in catching online visitors' attention. The use of online videos for marketing could be in your advantage.

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